Local SEO For Service Businesses Is A Must

Service businesses are a vital part of the community, as these provide the local community with the skills needed around the house like plumbing or even professional services like consulting. While some might have physical offices, many of them operate without one because let’s face it, a local electrician does not really need it.

For many years, people have relied on the yellow pages to find the people they need for specific services. Unfortunately, no one even has or buys these anymore. Everyone now uses Google to search for exactly what they need, including these services. Ideally, every search yields information on the closest service business to the customer.

This poses a challenge when it comes to local SEO and without good online presence, residents have a hard time finding the right professionals they need when they need it. After all, if someone suddenly has a water leak, they want someone close by who can come in the shortest amount of time possible. They search quickly on Google, but unless the neighborhood plumber learned how to take advantage of local SEO, the search will lead to nothing.

According to https://local3packseo.com, the Local Pack algorithm from Google is based on 3 important factors, relevance, prominence, and proximity.


Even without a physical address, you can use your home address as your base or even just skip this altogether. You will then need to add a list of the areas you service, and it is best to be as specific as possible. When identifying your keywords, mention specific neighborhoods or areas, more than just the general big city. This allows you to show up in searches more easily, but make sure that you mention all the neighborhoods that are close by so that you will show up in searches in your target area.

It is important to also include all relevant information of the business, which includes contact information and operating hours. If you are also available outside of the normal business hours, then you should indicate it and list how customers can quickly get in touch with you.


If you are a local service business, you definitely need a Google Places listing. This allows you to showcase your business more than just being a yellow pages listing. In a Google Places listing, you can include any pictures, videos or other content that your customers might want to see. This allows you to showcase some of your work and at the same time, attract more customers. Moreover, you should keep it updated, adding new content when available. An active Google Places account lets the customers and the search engines know that you are current and thriving.


In order to improve on this, you will need to work on your online presence. Service businesses can benefit by having even just a simple website, so that at least searches can redirect customers to a website listing your services, contact details, and other relevant information. This is also a good way to post customer feedback that will strengthen your reputation and attract more customers.

In fact, this is the perfect way to establish the legitimacy of your business, by featuring testimonials from previous customers living in the same neighborhood (they might even know them!). Blog posts on your website on topics related to your business will also contribute to your online presence.

If you find setting up a website too time-consuming, then you can opt to build your presence in social media. You can set up a page where Google searches can also redirect potential customers. You can also invite previous and current customers to post reviews or rate your services so that potential clients have a positive impression of your business.

Just make sure that you add your location and the list of areas you serve so that people who need your skills can find you. Another advantage of social media is for customers to directly message you there, although it might mean you need to be online more often to answer their queries.

Local SEO is a great way for people to narrow down their searches to pages and businesses that are most related to their needs, and it also allows local service businesses to be searchable even without the old-school yellow pages.

In fact, with so much competition out there, businesses can only thrive if they utilize this feature. The good news is doing so is not too complicated or expensive. In just a few steps, local service businesses can link themselves to the customers in their neighborhood.

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