Cosmetic Dentistry Industry – Reasons Why It’s So Popular

Hair is not the only dealbreaker where appearance is concerned; even your often-overlooked set of pearls can also make or break you. Issues about self-esteem arise as a result of crooked denture or tooth gap. Eventually, this spills over to work and social relationships. Thankfully, with the advent of technology nowadays, the practice of dentistry has dramatically improved that a new niche emerged, if only to cater to the increasing demand for nicer, more functional set of whites. Cosmetic dentistry is what they call it.

The cosmetic dentistry industry has grown in size and presence over the years. Based on the observed trend, the forecast has it that by year 2020, cosmetic dentistry will grow to a value of over $22 billion in the United States. Why the unfailing patronage of the public, the following underlying reasons may explain:

Improves Your Smile

Obviously, with nice teeth, smiling becomes an easy and frequent habit. Some people appear snobbish or stern on the outside because they are rarely seen with a smile. Yet, the public often forgets, they probably just have problems with their teeth and are afraid to show the world their dental imperfections. Cosmetic dentistry helps fix a broad range of dental problems, from the simple discoloration problem to complicated implant procedures. So, it is only natural why this field has become a hit in its own right.

Enhances Your Speech

Teeth are part of your articulators, a fact that is too often overlooked by onlookers. Some communication concerns like faulty pronunciation and breezy, swishy accent are brought about by overlapping teeth, overbite/underbite problems, or dental gaps. When the condition extends beyond the scope of basic speech therapy, it is highly recommended to talk to a trusted dentist to know your options and eventually resolve your speech problems. Just remember that when looking for dental specialists, exercise due diligence in researching about prices, past works, areas of specialization, and client reviews. Don’t just trust any digital site. Instead, visit the dentist’s official website to get more information, or better yet chat with the clinic’s trained staff for immediate, direct answers.

Increases Your Confidence

Many believe that heavy cosmetic investments, be they cosmetic beauty or dentistry investments, are caused by the high value the society puts on physical appearance, further aggravated by popular media. In one study in New Zealand, after priming the participants with television shows that display makeovers and suggest standards of beauty, they found an increase in the number of availed aesthetic dental procedures, such as teeth whitening and veneers. Quite possibly, the same principle applies worldwide.

People generally desire to look better and feel better, thus they seek to make physical changes. Because of this positive psychological effect, cosmetic doctors and dentists alike became the modern-day fairy godmothers and the cosmetic industry as a whole became a multi-billion dollar venture.

Saves You Many Social Faux Pas

Next to veneers and chair teeth bleaching, perhaps braces are the next popular corrective dental procedures, alongside crowns, implants, and bridges for restorative procedures. This trend tells us that while correcting existing dental flaws is prevalent, an equally large number of patients also seek to restore what has been lost to them. The traditional dentures are great, but with the many tales of them falling off unexpectedly, people are seeking other options. Implants and bridges are better alternatives, with stronger, more secure grips and more natural bite. Given the need to avoid social embarrassments that can very well become viral in social media sites these days, more and more patients are embracing cosmetic dentistry.

Increases Your Income

Although the primary benefits of stronger and more aesthetically-appealing dentures are psychological in nature, to a certain extent, better smiles add to your income. For one, more work opportunities come your way when you exude a pleasing aura and nice teeth, suffice it to say, almost always complete your look. Some jobs (e.g., customer service, sales and marketing) even demand a person to be at his best appearance. More so, relatedly, with increased confidence, you become more confident in negotiating with stakeholders, clients, colleagues, and executives. Higher productivity leads to promotions, all because you chose to invest in aesthetic dental procedures.

Your teeth can be an asset. Other than the aesthetic value, dental investments are also your optimum dental health. You prevent tooth decay and promote healthier gums and fresher breath. So sweat the small details, for they too can make a world of difference.

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